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Super simple invoicing, projects and expenses for growing businesses.
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Growing your business is never easy, and keeping track of invoices, projects and inventory can be tricky. Bx is simple from the start, helping you take control of your business in one easy solution.
7,500+ happy users since launch
Over 50,000 beautiful invoices sent
20+ enterprise customers
Get paid online via Stripe
Invoices, Quotes & Expenses
Effortlessly create quotes, invoices and credit notes in multiple currencies. Record transactions and keep a close eye on your cash flow.
Simple project management
Treat projects as a simple list of tasks. Track time easily and bill customers in a single click!
Slick Dashboards
Slick dashboards and reports make it easy to identify trends at a glance. Export your data easily into Excel to analyse it further.
Multi User
Simple multi-user functionality and granular access rights make it easy to collaborate with your accountant and admin team.
Inventory Management
Track your inventory with ease. Stock levels automatically tie in with your sales and purchases.
On Web, Mobile & Offline!
A beautiful interface delivered on your desktop, mobile or tablet. No apps to download; just visit our site for a native experience, even when offline.
Efficient Project Management & Time Tracking
Keeping track of projects is a breeze with Bx. Enter your tasks and begin logging time and expenses. Let Bx take care of the paperwork, while you focus on your business.
Record task details and status
Start timers and track time
Bill project time and expenses in one click!
What our users think
"Other platforms I tried felt sluggish and outdated. Bx has an amazing interface and is quick to use even on my phone! Lovely customer support team as well."
Mike Digby, Independent Software Developer
"As a graphic designer, I want my invoices to look amazing. With Bx, my invoices are not just professional but beautiful too! And, I have soft spot for Booxy!"
Sarah Harrison, Graphic Designer
New York
per month
Single user
Annual quotas apply
50 Invoices
50 Expenses
10 Customers
2 Projects
IRC Chat Support
Free forever!
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per user / month
Multi user
Unlimited everything!
Unlimited Invoices
Unlimited Expenses
Unlimited Customers
Unlimited Projects
Chat + Email support
Cancel or change any time!
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Enterprise from
per month
Multi user
Unlimited everything!
Dedicated managed server
Integrates with your CRM & ePOS
Chat + Email + Phone support
Bespoke features & branding
E-Wallet for your customers
30 day trial available!
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Of all the other more established packages out there, why should I choose Bx?
Our focus is on simplicity. While other packages may talk about debits, credits and ledgers, we strive to cut out the jargon so you can focus on managing your business. We believe our software is extremely easy to use and intuitive, and we're always here to help if you get stuck. So why not sign up for a free account - you've got nothing to lose!
Is the Free plan really free?
Yup, it won't cost you a penny!
How do I pronounce Bx?
A lot of people ask us that! We've heard people call it "Be-Ex", but the actual pronounciation is simply "Books" :P
Is Bx run by a large company?
Nope! We're a small team, and we love what we do. We're proud of the fact that we pay attention to the little details, and always try to make our users' lives that little bit easier through our apps :)
I want to migrate my data over from another app to Bx. Is this easy to do?
Yes! You just need to get your data into CSV format and you can then upload it into Bx. We can help with this if you're unsure how to go about it - just drop us a line here.
Are you going to take all my data and make it hard for me to retrieve it?
Nope. Never. Not in a million years. You can download your data from Bx at any time.
Does your app work on Android and iOS?
Yes it does :) Bx is a web app, so there are no downloads or installations, and it simply works on your desktop or mobile with minimal hassle.
As it's a web app, will it have poor, choppy graphics on my mobile device?
No! While it is true that web apps can be a little more limited than a native app, we've tried to create a mobile user experience that's as close to native as possible. Try it out and see what you think - we think you'll be pleasantly surprised!
Can I add Bx to my homescreen?
Absolutely! Just use the 'Add to Home Screen' option in Chrome (Android) or Safari (iOS) on your smartphone or tablet.
Do you have an API?
Yes! It's currently in beta, but will be available by mid November 2017. If you would like to participate in the API beta, please email us here
Questions, comments or support? Tweet @use_bx or email us at @! Free support available on freenode at #bx
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